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New Daily Recipes

See what happens to your face if you wash it with THIS 2-ingredient face wash for 30 days! (Video)!

Our skin often collects bacteria, perspiration and dirt which makes it susceptible to different health problems. These impurities cause pore clogging and many skin issues arise. 

It is good to perform a deep cleansing routine on your skin. Your face should be washed properly at least 2 times every day. Only this will help you have a glowing and healthy skin.

It mostly depends on the skin products we use for hair care.

The market offers various cleaners and washes. People believe the advertisements and don’t even look at the ingredients that these products contain. They think the products are natural and extremely effective. I

But, many of these products are full of very dangerous chemicals which may irritate the skin. They actually cause more harm than benefits. Make sure you read the labels of everything you buy. 

You can also try some natural alternatives because they are a much better, healthier and safer option for your skin.

Using homemade face washes will make your skin clean, refreshed and hydrated. There aren’t any harsh chemicals. The process of preparation is very easy. You won’t feel any side-effects as they are very mild for your skin.

The ingredients are cheap and you may already have them at home.

You’ll only need 2 natural ingredients to prepare this remedy: baking soda and coconut oil. When they’re combined, they remove your dead skin cells, all the dirt and dust and help you eliminate redness, acne, scars etc.

Any skin type can use this natural mixture, even the people who have sensitive skin.

These are the benefits that these ingredients have to offer: 

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is extremely nutritious. It’s amazing for your skin. It’s full of beneficial properties which renew, moisturize and feed your skin. The pH levels of your skin will be balanced and you’ll have a clean face!

Applying it topically will help you remove any harmful matter on your skin. You won’t need any expensive lotion or skin care cream anymore! Coconut oil penetrates into your skin deeply because it has a low molecular weight. It bonds with proteins well.

Baking Soda

Baking soda is an amazing natural cleaning product. It’s an amazing replacement for all the commercial face cleansers which are harmful and toxic. It can also help you against sunburns and offer immediate relief.

You’ll manage to treat acne immediately since baking soda is an amphoteric compound. It will help you have optimal levels of pH on your skin and prevent the appearance of acne.

Baking soda will make your skin soft as it acts as an exfoliant.

Homemade Face Cleanser Recipe


  • Half a cup of raw, organic coconut oil
  • Half a cup of baking soda


Warm up the coconut oil. It should become liquid.

Combine both of the ingredients to prepare a homogenous paste.


Put a little bit of this mixture on your face using circular movements.

Let it rest for several minutes and then remove it with plenty of warm water.

This procedure should be repeated 3 times a week in order to obtain the best benefits.

Take a look at our video for some extra advice: