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New Daily Recipes

One simple teaspoon of this will help you lose 3 times more body fat

When it comes to losing weight and fast, we all know that this is a very difficult process that requires a lot of dedication. The process can be very challenging. Losing several pounds is very irritating for some people. But, according to some studies, there are some spices that can help you in this process. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, cumin seeds are the right ones for you! 

How are cumin seeds connected to weight loss?

The seeds of cumin contain plenty of anticarcinogenic and antidiabetic properties that are good for the complete immune system and can help you fight numerous illnesses and diseases. They can cleanse your organism, decrease your blood pressure, improve your liver, help you have a healthier digestion, decrease the retention of fluids and also help you against numerous skin problems. Cumin seeds can help you lose weight and decrease the cholesterol in your body and also decrease the amount of fat. If you exercise regularly and use cumin at the same time, you’ll lose weight certainly!

Yoghurt and cumin powder for weight loss

The recipe that combines yoghurt and cumin powder is amazing for losing weight. Combine 5 grams of yoghurt with 1 teaspoon of cumin powder. Stir this well and consume it every day!

Cumin weight loss drink

Here’s another method that can help you lose weight. Put 2 tablespoons of cumin seeds to soak in water throughout the night. In the morning, you should boil the seeds. Filter the mixture and remove the seeds. After that, squeeze half a lemon in this. The drink should be consumed every morning, on an empty stomach. Take it for 2 weeks. You’ll see the results very fast!

Losing weight with ginger, lemon and cumin

You can also combine ginger, cumin and lemon in order to boost its amazing effects. Boil some carrots, other veggies in water and grate some ginger inside. Sprinkle cumin powder in it, too. Put some lemon juice and consume the prepared vegetables for dinner! Yummy!

Here are some other ways that will help you consume cumin:

  • Sauté or roast some vegetables and add ground cumin over them. 
  • Prepare guacamole or hummus and add it over them.
  • Prepare a drink with cumin by boiling them in water. Then, let them steep for 10 minutes and consume a cup of this solution.
  • Take some healthy snacks like nuts or some other kind and sprinkle cumin over them!