New Daily Recipes
New Daily Recipes

Low Blood Pressure In One Minute, Cure a Tumor and Clean Your Liver In a Day With Beets

One of the most beneficial vegetables which is abundant in health benefits is definitely beets. It can help you against many health problems. Beets contain a great amount of vitamin C, A and also lots of dietary fiber, minerals and different nutrients.

Natural ingredients, fruits and vegetables are very effective. They are even more effective than medicines.

The consumption of fruits and vegetables is even more economical than the use of medicines. They also can’t cause side-effects in your organism.

In this article, we’re going to present you some of the benefits beets can offer to you as well as some recipes that you should include in your diet every day.

Beets are very powerful. They can help you delay the signs of aging, improve the circulation and prevent cancer.

They decrease the blood pressure naturally because they contain a high level of nitrate. When it comes into our organism, it converts into nitric oxide and improves our blood flow.

If you consume one glass of beet juice every day, it will help you relax your blood vessels. Here’s one of our amazing recipes!


-2 apples

-3 beets

-A garlic clove

-2 stalks of green celery

-A small piece of ginger root


First, you have to wash all the ingredients. Then, blend them well. If you want it to be more liquid, add a little bit of water. Take it every day on an empty stomach.

Beets can prevent the formation of tumors

They contain flavonoids which reverse the creation of cancer cells. Here’s an amazing shake to help you for that purpose:


-An apple

-A cup of water and some ice

-A medium beet

-A carrot


First, you have to clean the ingredients. Then, cut them and blend them to create a homogeneous shake.

Detoxifies the liver

Beets can strengthen the function of your liver by reducing the bile. They also decrease the accumulation of heavy metals. Here’s a recipe to help you with that!


-A big lemon

-A big beet


Combine the beetroot that you’ll wash and peel with the lemon juice. Blend them until you get a homogenous shake that will be thick. Consume it straight away!