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Every woman should know these 12 tricks with Vicks VapoRub

Women are especially prone to taking care of their beauty as well as their look. They spend more time in front of the mirror, trying to look the best they can. They even spend a small fortune on buying products for personal care.

Here, we’re going to discuss about a very popular remedy called Vicks VapoRub. It is mostly used connected to health problems like the flu or various colds, but it can also be used for some interesting uses that you probably didn’t know! 

Here are 12 ways to include it into your everyday life!

1. Fresh air

Add a little bit of this amazing ointment into your room humidifier and soon, the air in your room will be fresh and clean!

2. Soften the heels

Put a very thin layer of this ointment on your heels. Then, apply cotton socks. Go to bed. In the morning, wash your feet and remove all the dead cells with a pumice stone. Repeat this every day.

3. Treat headaches

This is an amazing product that will help you against a headache! You only have to apply it on your temples as well as on your forehead.

4. Prevent pet incidents

Put a little bit of Vicks where you’ve seen your pet pee or take a poo. The strong smell will not let it near that place ever again!

5. An insect repellent

The insect repellents we often buy at the stores are usually filled with various chemicals. Vicks will help you! All of the mosquitoes, insects, flies will be gone forever!

6. Treat toenail fungus

Put some Vicks on the nail where you have a fungal infection every night before you go to bed. In the morning, clip off the infected nail.

7. Reduce belly fat

Crush one tablet of camphor tablet. Combine it with a little bit of mix it with Vicks VapoRub, sodium bicarbonate and alcohol. Stir it well until it becomes smooth. Put it on your belly. Wrap a plastic foil around it and leave it like that throughout the night.

8. Prevent infection and inflammation

Wounds and cuts can become infected easily. Put a small amount of this ointment to make them recover faster.

9. Save the furniture from your cat

Cats like to scratch your furniture. Vicks will prevent them to! Apply the area your cat likes to scratch the most and the problem is solved!

10. Soothe pain in the muscles and the back

Vicks VapoRub can help you eliminate back and muscle pain very effectively. Just rub a little bit of it on the problematic areas and the relief will appear instantly!

11. Get rid of your stretch marks

Put Vicks on the areas where you have stretch marks. In only 2 weeks you’ll be able to notice amazing results.

12. Treat bruises

Applying Vicks VapoRub on your bruises regularly will help you get rid of them very quickly!