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The oil that improves vision and removes cataracts (How to use it)

According to some statistics about 24.4 million people who are over 40 suffer from cataracts only in the USA, so that’s why we’ve decided to present you a natural remedy that will help you remove them!

What are cataracts?

These are actually a kind of clouding of the natural eye lens behind the pupil and the iris. They mostly appear in elderly people, but they can also be seen in the younger population. Some of the main causes are smoking, imbalanced diet as well as unhealthy lifestyle. 

Degenerative eye condition appears because of free radical damage as well as oxidative damage. The poor eye vision which is very foggy mostly appears at night. If a person doesn’t ask for help on time, it can cause blindness.

Scientists claim that antioxidant deficiency is what increases the risk of having cataracts. It has been proved that if you manage to regulate the high levels of glutathione in your body, it may help you prevent or delay the surgery. This is one of the most important antioxidants in the body. Eat foods that are very rich in antioxidants.

Symptoms of cataracts

Cataracts develop gradually and the first signs are: 

– Nearsightedness

– Issues with eyeglasses and contact lenses

– Filmy, foggy, cloudy or blurry vision

– Double vision

Causes of cataracts

The natural lens combined of water and protein. The protein helps light pass through the lens and helps it stay clear.

But, as we become older, this protein can cloud a small area of the lens. It is the cataract and it can become bigger in time.

The main causes aren’t known yet, but there are some risk factors according to researchers, like:

– UV radiation from sunlight

– Diabetes

– Hypertension

– Smoking

– Hormone therapy

– Corticosteroid medications

– Excessive alcohol use

– Former eye inflammation or injury

– Statin drugs for reducing high cholesterol levels

– High myopia

– Obesity

– Former eye surgery

– Family history

How to eliminate cataracts without undergoing surgery?

The best way to remove them would be through surgery, but if they’re in early stages, you can use something natural like castor oil! It can help you against nearsightedness, conjunctivitis, farsightedness, dry eyes, as well as age-related macular degeneration.

As we have already mentioned, the best way to prevent this problem is to start using foods that are rich in antioxidants.

Which type of castor oil is the right one?

The best one is the hexane-free Castor oil that is 100% organic which usually comes in a dark-glass bottle with an included drop applicator.

How and when to use castor oil?

The use is extremely easy. Just put 1 drop of the oil in the problematic eye once every day. It would be the best to apply it before you go to bed since it is thick and it will cause blurry vision.

You’ll probably have crusts at the eyes’ corners in the morning. These are very normal and appear as a result of the calcification process. Rinse them away with plenty of lukewarm water.

Many people have tried this method and they all claim that they have had great results.

If you don’t notice any results, stop using it. It might not be convenient for you.