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New Daily Recipes

The best ab exercises you can do at home to flatten your stomach!

One of the most difficult areas to lose body weight and fat is the area around our stomach. Nowadays, many people, especially women want to have a flat and toned belly so they try to follow various exercises as well as diets that take a lot of time and effort, but they are also very expensive. 

Still, there are numerous exercises that can help you with the stomach area and here, we’re going to present you some of them. Here, we’re offering you 9 of those that will help you acquire a flat and toned stomach very quickly! You’ll only need 10 minutes! 

Spiderman Planks

For this exercise, you should be in a push-up position. Raise one leg on the side, but bend your knee to an angle of 90 degrees. Stay like that for 15 seconds. Switch legs, but hold your stomach.

Mountain Climbers

Your hands should be on the floor. Make sure you bring your body up while you’re on your toes. Keep your spine straight from your head to your toes. Bring your knees to the chest. Change legs. Do this for 30 seconds.

Single Leg Drops

Lie down on your back. Put your arms on the sides. Lift your legs towards the ceiling. Then, drop down one leg. After that, repeat the motion the other one. Your legs shouldn’t touch the floor ground! This exercise should be done for 30 seconds!

Double Leg Circles

Lie down. Your legs should be straight. Start doing circles on the right for 30 seconds. Then, do circles on the left for 30 seconds.

Flutter Kicks

Lie down on your back. Your legs should be lifted up. Kick your air with your legs. Do this for 1 minute. Breathe in and out for the whole time.

The Roll

It’s a very simple exercise. Lie down on your back. Then, put your hands on the sides and your legs towards the ceiling. Then, start bringing your legs down to the floor very slowly, but make sure you don’t touch the floor! When you’re done, bring your knees back into your chest. Then, move them up again. Do this for 30 seconds. Make a break. 


Use a mat to lie on it. Bring your legs to the side. Drop your legs to one side and make sure they’re very near to the floor, but they don’t touch it. Repeat it with the other side. It should take you 30 seconds for 1 side.

Starfish Crunch

Lie down on the floor. Your legs and your arms should be apart. Put your arms above your head. Use one hand to touch the opposite foot. Do this exercise for 30 seconds.

Russian Twists

This exercise is done by sitting. The upper part of the body should be done to about 45 degrees from the floor. Position the legs on the floor. Start twisting the upper part of your body. After that, bring both of your hands to the sides. This exercise should be done for 30 seconds.

Take a look at our video in order to have a better look at these exercises and get ready to have the flat and toned tummy you’ve always wanted!