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It’s written in your genes: these lines on your hand indicate how many children you’ll have and their gender

Traditional Chinese Medicine has been using the lines on the hands to read the future of people for centuries. These lines can say a lot about our health and even the number of children we’ll have and their gender as well. The children lines are located below the pinky and the marriage line, and will show you how many children you can expect.



If your child lines are deep and wide, you’re going to give birth to a boy.



Shallow and short child lines mean that you’ll be having a girl.



When the child line splits at the end, rejoice – you’re having twins!

Sick child


If the child lines on your hand have small circles near the top, you will bring a sick child into the world.

Problematic children


Look at the picture below – if your children lines resemble that shape, your child will be problematic and difficult to raise.

Physical problems


If the child lines on your hand are distorted, you will give birth to a child with some kind of physical problem.

Male heritage line


The clearer the child lines are, the healthier your children will be.

Female heritage line


This line indicates the number of children you’re going to have – count the spikes and you’ll know what to expect.