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20 great habits for stronger and healthier hair

Healthy hair is something we all desire to have, especially women. Still, there are many women who can’t seem to keep their hair healthy although they do everything and try various recipes. In this article, we’ve decided to present you 20 habits that will help you have healthier and stronger hair in a very short time!

1. After shampooing your hair, moisten it with plain white vinegar. Leave it to act for several minutes and then rinse it away. You’ll have a much shinier hair even after one use! 

2. Prepare a natural avocado hair mask and use it for one a month.

3. Use egg yolks to wash your hair with and not shampoo. They are excellent and they will moisturize your hair much better than any commercial product.

4. You shouldn’t wash your hair very often. This will remove the natural oil from your scalp and you need it for growth and nutrition. 

5. Make sure you use a shampoo that’s free of sulfates, because these can ruin the moisture of your hair.

6. If you make braids before you go to bed, you’ll have natural waves in the morning. Your hair won’t break or tangle!

7. Massage your scalp using a wooden brush every day so that you can stimulate the growth of your hair and increase the blood flow into your scalp.

8. Use sunscreens and hair styling products that are especially used during the summer period. Your hair will be also protected from the chlorine and the salt water.

9. Don’t use a blow dryer for your hair, but leave it to dry naturally.

10. Dry your hair before you go to bed, because wet hair is more breakable.


11. Argan oil is extremely good for the hair! You can use it against dry scalp, split ends and as a conditioner!

12. Make sure you avoid hot straighteners and curling irons! High temperatures damage and weaken the hair. If you still think that you have to use them, use a spray-in heat protectant!

13. Dyes and bleaches contain various chemicals like ammonia. They destroy your hair and cause great damage to your scalp.

14. Never brush your hair when it is wet! It becomes more breakable! Comb it right after you’ve applied  a hair conditioner!

15. Make sure you put a silk or satin pillowcase. These are materials which are much safer for your hair. You can toss and turn freely, without fearing that it will catch it!

16. Make sure you intake biotin so that you can stimulate skin regeneration and hair growth.

17. In case you have a hair that is prone to split ends, trim it every 8 weeks! That will help you keep it healthy and strong! 

18. Use natural masks that contain plenty of beneficial oils and vitamins.

19. You must have a good nutrition because it also reflects on your hair. You must consume foods rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins and natural fats.

20. One of the most damaging things for your hair is stress! You must relax! No matter what you decide to use on your hair, if you’re stressed constantly, it will never be as healthy and as shiny as when you’re more relaxed!