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Say Goodbye to sciatic nerve pain in just 10 minutes with this natural method!

The longest nerve in the human body is called sciatic nerve. When it’s inflamed it causes a very uncomfortable pain that usually extends from the ribs to the area below the knee.

Some rest can help, because it will alleviate the problem only temporarily, but it still does not resolve it.

Other common symptoms that appear include discomfort to sit, heavy legs, tingling etc.

The sciatic nerve pain is extremely unpleasant. It can decrease the quality of life for the people who have this problem. 


Luckily for you, here, we’re going to present you a proper solution to this problem.

This is a very simple method that can help you in only 10 minutes! Just take a look at the instructions:


  • First, put 10 liters of water in a bucket.
  • The water should be at the highest temperature that you can stand.
  • Add a handful of salt and half a liter of apple cider vinegar.
  • Stir this mixture well.
  • Put your feet in the bucket and keep them like that until the water starts to cool down.
  • When you take out your feet, rinse them and wrap them using a dry towel. Go to sleep.
  • Make sure your feet are warm. Sleep with a sheet, towel or a blanket over them to keep them very warm.
  • When you get up, make sure you put on slippers immediately. Do not step on the floor without them! Do not be barefoot! Even after the first treatment, you’ll notice that the pain is going away. You can repeat this procedure on every six months or whenever you need to. You’ll be stunned how a simple remedy can help you that much!